"I am not a politician, I’m your neighbor."

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We Can Do Better!

I will work hard for you, not political donors, special interest groups and developers by making Oakland County’s 19th District F.I.T.

After 40 years, I did NOT leave the Democratic Party, they deserted me!  Gone are the family values I grew up with and raised my son on... Respecting our elders, freedom of speech and religion, compassion for others, public safety, family, support for our military and country... Which are all the central values the current Republican Party stands for, embraces & supports!

I Will...
  • Ensure balanced budgets without tax increases by using economic policies that stimulate business development and job growth, creating a BETTER Oakland County

  • End divisive partisan politics and focus on the county residents and businesses

  • Promote and ensure superior services and infrastructure from roads to high-quality water

  • Propose term limits to eliminate career politicians from permanently feeding from the public tax payer trough

  • Stop pay-to-play awards to political donors and special interest groups like no-bid contracts and quid pro quo awards of taxpayer monies


We can do better and I will!

Why you want me to be your County Commissioner for 19th District

I am not a politician, I am your neighbor.  We need practical policies, not partisan politics.  My door will be open to listen to your needs.  I will represent you and be your voice as we move forward during these unprecedented times, maintaining excellence and cost effectiveness for our Oakland County district 19.

I am running for County Commissioner because I deeply care about Oakland County; I love my home, my neighbors district-wide, and the small businesses I support every day. I want to continue living in my home as I age and want to see the area continue to be user-friendly as an attractive, safe place to live for our new young families and for our aging population as well.


I believe in our wonderful community. I believe in growth and progress. However, it is critical that growth is well planned and not at the cost of runaway spending. I believe county government finances should operate like we residents handle our personal home spending, with accountability, checks and balances. I believe keeping our small town feel as we grow and progress is of the utmost importance.  Berkley and Royal Oak's charm and unique identity within the region is our legacy and must be maintained. I believe we must protect our environment. We are role models for our children when it comes to environmental stewardship.


With your help we will make Oakland County an even better place to "live, work and play" for all. I am grateful for this opportunity and look forward to serving as your County Commissioner.

What I Bring to the Table

I don’t have a hidden political agenda, a business to promote or a ladder to climb. I don’t have to worry about granting or repaying “special” favors. I don’t owe special interests anything. I am different. Unlike some politicians who seek local elected positions as a stepping stone to higher office, for me, serving as your County Commissioner would be the greatest privilege and the only place I want to be.


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